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I had a question last week from a student of mine who attends my group classes and was curious about the difference is between private and group yoga classes, and what the benefits are.  I wanted to make this a public post in case anybody else has any questions, so it’s all in one place!

I’ve been teaching predominantly private yoga for almost three years now, and I wanted to share a little bit about why this method of teaching works so well for my one-to-one students.  I teach a pretty full schedule, of around 15 private classes and 4 group classes a week, and honestly it’s such a joy to get to do this work.

I love teaching private yoga classes because I 100% believe that you don’t need to buy all of the latest gear, get memberships at the largest studios, or fall in line with the latest trendy fitness fads to benefit from yoga.  You don’t even need a crowded room full of other students to hold you accountable.

You just need ONE person, one teacher or mentor, to inspire, support and show up for you every step of the way

I work with so many people, from all walks of life and backgrounds.  I always meet everyone where they are at. Maybe that’s right at the beginning of your yoga journey, where many people feel intimidated and lacking in confidence at the thought of a group class.  Or perhaps you are wanting to deepen your existing yoga practice, and have support accessing more advanced yoga postures.

I’ve worked privately with students to prepare them for their yoga teacher training.  I also teach clients who have experienced serious illness to help them recover and feel better in their body.   Some students have wanted a movement practice that complements their existing sport/fitness pursuits.   Others want to start moving in a way that feels meaningful and impactful for them.

Some of the biggest benefits of private yoga classes

I am invested in you

  • As your private yoga teacher, I will honour your own practice needs.  I will tailor the entire class specifically for you.  That means you get 100% of my attention, and we will discuss what you want to achieve.  I offer modifications, postures and movements that are appropriate for you.  My aim is to help bring your body into a state of health and balance
  • We work on whatever you need at that time/that class, whilst still working towards your overall long term goals.  Maybe you’ve had a bad night’s sleep, for example.  We can work on poses and practices that will support your body, and leave you feeling more energised.  A few of my students are much more interested in learning meditation and breathing techniques. I love supporting students using these diverse range of tools yoga has to offer.
  • Establish your home yoga practice – I provide resources for clients who want to integrate yoga into their daily lives.  These can be provided as videos, audios or written instructions so that you are supported by your favourite format.
  • I’m just an email away, so you can reach out if you have any questions about our in-class work together

You learn exactly what you need – and then some..

  • We have time to break down poses and you can ask allllll the questions.  I have worked with plenty of clients who are confused about certain poses that are skimmed over in group classes – looking at you, chaturanga dandasana!  Any good private yoga teacher will have done extensive anatomy study (total movement science geek over here!).  We can teach you to deconstruct postures, and learn them in a progressive and safe way for your body.
  • We get to do what you like/want to do! This means you don’t have to constantly do the poses you hate.  That said,  later on I will very likely start to incorporate movements that challenge you emotionally and physically – and maybe even help you fall in love with that posture.

I can work around you

  • Our classes will fit around your schedule, and can even see you at your home depending on location.  No more rushing around trying to squeeze a group yoga class in – I work around you.  A lot of my clients have standing/regular appointments.  However, others travel a lot for work, or have a hectic lifestyle that means they can’t make the same class time every week. Does this sound familiar? I aim to keep a few spaces open every week to accommodate you and your varied schedule.

Ultimately, you will learn, and experience positive changes, at a quicker rate than you would in a large group class

If you are interested in private yoga, contact me and we can schedule in a conversation so that I can answer any of your questions and see if it is a good fit for both of us.  You can also find out more information here, or book online.

I mostly work with clients in Edinburgh and Midlothian.  I can also work with you online (Skype or Zoom) if you live further away.  I am always happy to chat to anyone who has any questions, so reach out if that’s you!

I look forward hearing from you!

Tali xx

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