My name is Tali.  I’m a motivator, a spiritual life coach and an absolute believer in our limitless potential for change.  I’ve got a track record in scientific research, coaching, personal development and yoga.  My decision to transition from geneticist to yoga teacher, coach and studio owner is one of my proudest achievements to date.  I’m an expert in reinvention and personal growth, and I’ve fine-tuned my ability to facilitate transformation.

Now I work with people like you to help create your own transformation.  If you are finally ready to put your own life at the top of your priority list, book in a discovery call today.

As a personal transformation expert, I deliver a unique blend of yoga, coaching and spiritual development in a very personalised way to individuals invested in making a step change in their lives.


We’ll design a tailored program for our work together.  Your personalised program is:

  • a bespoke blend of the most relevant practices for you
  • created uniquely for you
  • based on your needs and desired outcomes

As a spiritual life coach, I will help you step back into your power.  Here’s how.



Energy Management

What is the change in life that you desire the most? Through our coaching work we will get crystal clear on what your desired outcomes in life are, and take consistent action to get there.  I will be your biggest cheerleader, and will keep you on the right trajectory to achieve these outcomes.

As your spiritual life coach I will help you identify and move through the barriers that are holding you back.  You’ll learn how to shift your mindset from stuck to action-oriented, and consistently move in the right direction in the long term.

We often speak about taking action before you are ready in the personal growth world. You will learn to embody that action on the yoga mat in our work together; creating transformation and connecting meaning through your movement. Yoga acts like a mirror, illuminating your internal world.

My teaching is a fusion of challenge and support; both from a physical and emotional context. I will help you challenge your physical limitations on the yoga mat and overcome your mental limiting beliefs through the same practice.

Together we will shift your energy from stagnant to dynamic so that you can take inspired action in the most effective way for your desired outcomes.  We will create and develop a bespoke toolkit of meditation, mindfulness and self-awareness practices that are perfect for you.

These simple yet effective tools are curated to complement your coaching work and yoga practice, and designed so you can effortlessly draw from them whenever you want to change your state. A routine you’ll actually look forward to!


We will have a free initial consultation in person or online (Zoom) to chat about you. You can book this discovery call below, and I’ll send you the relevant information, including a meeting link if you’d prefer to connect online.

This is your chance to ask all the questions, and my opportunity for me to get clear about the goals you have and how we could work best together.

We will create a bespoke plan to transform your life, based on your requirements. Flexibility is key, and the duration of our work together will depend on your goals.

We will meet at my studio in Rutland Square, Edinburgh, or online (Zoom).  Appointments can be held weekly or fortnightly, and will last around 75-90 minutes.

Sessions consist of a unique blend of coaching, yoga and personal/spiritual development, designed specifically for you and your needs.

I provide tailored challenges/assignments to keep you on course in between appointments.

It is the depth of relationship that I create with my clients that really sets me apart in the coaching world, meaning that I am as deeply committed to your transformation as you are.  If you are searching for a deeper purpose to your life and personalised guidance to keep you focused, motivated and on the right path, book in for a discovery call today.


Please note that my coaching rate is £100 per session.  If you are not fully committed or not yet ready to invest in yourself at this level then that’s totally ok.  You can check out my blog posts, or subscribe to my newsletter or my YouTube channel to make the most out of the free resources I create.  Group programs and events will be publicised on these channels and additionally on Instagram and Facebook.