As a personal transformation expert and spiritual mentor in Edinburgh, I work with individuals invested in changing their lives.

Are you looking to…

Feel incredible in your body and mind

Feel strong in your yoga practice, no matter your current level

Find a sense of purpose in your life

Discover the courage to be your highest self

Move forwards and leave your limiting beliefs behind

Live fully in every moment

Feel better in your body than ever before

Get empowered and become your greatest inspiration

Sustain the motivation to create your dream life

Coach and Mentor

As your personal coach and spiritual mentor, my passion is identifying where you’re holding yourself back – and motivating you to propel yourself forward. I’m here to cheer you on – and simultaneously call you out on your BS when required.

You are capable of achieving your goals and getting your life on the trajectory you dream of.  We all just need a bit of accountability and direction to get on course.   Using my bespoke blend of personal coaching, spiritual mentorship and yoga tuition, I’m here to help you get there.

You can wait for the perfect conditions before you take action, or you can commit to change today – the day will pass either way.  I’ll teach you how to use the importance of the present moment to get out of your head, discover your deepest potential and start living fully.

Meaning Through Movement

My job is to awaken you to your potential.  I will create a tailored yoga practice for you, specific to your needs and prior experience. 

We often speak about taking action before you are ready in the personal growth world.  I encourage everybody to embody that action on the yoga mat in our direct work together; connecting meaning and creating transformation through our movement.

We can challenge our physical limits on the yoga mat, and overcome our mental limiting beliefs through the same practice.  Whether your biggest challenge is finding strength or slowing down, I will support you every step of the way.


Get in touch below if you are ready to fully commit and invest in your transformation.

We will meet for a free consultation in person or online via Zoom to chat about you. This is your chance to ask all the questions, and my opportunity for me to get clear about the goals you have and how we could work best together.

I will create a structured plan to transform your life, based on your requirements. Flexibility is key – the duration of our work together will depend on your goals.

Sessions will be held at my bespoke studio in Rutland Square, Edinburgh, or online via Zoom.  We’ll normally meet weekly or fortnightly, and each session will last around 75-90 minutes.

Appointments will consist of a unique blend of coaching, yoga and personal/spiritual development, designed specifically for you and your needs.

In between appointments, I provide tailored challenges/assignments to keep you in your stretch zone.

Whether you are crystal clear about how you want your life to look, or feeling completely lost and disillusioned, I am here to help you succeed.