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My favourite meditation tools to feel calm and grounded

Plus a full meditation practice

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A Meditation Practice for Calm

I created this meditation video because I think we could all use some calm just now!

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps calm and focus the mind.  Although we associate yoga with the physical practice, e.g. yoga poses, in the West, yoga is actually a meditative practice. In fact, the physical poses were originally developed to prepare the body for long periods of meditation!

If you’ve ever tried to meditate and gotten frustrated at your unquiet mind, do not worry! Meditation is about sitting with your thoughts, letting them come and go, without attaching to them. You don’t need a silent mind to meditate (wouldn’t that be nice!).  Instead, we simply observe our thoughts and experiences.. We tend to label these experiences and thoughts as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but meditation teaches us to be less reactive.

In this 20 minute practice I break down some of my favourite meditation tools to help create focus and calm.  Make sure you are sitting comfortably and warm enough. Grab a blanket and/or socks if you feel like you’ll get cold! Keep an open mind, and be compassionate with yourself.

1:1 Yoga Classes

I offer private yoga classes in person here in Edinburgh, or online via Zoom.  If you’re looking for personalised, 1:1 guidance to help you with your yoga and/or meditation practice, you can find out more below.

Take some time for this meditation practice for calm – and let me know how you feel afterwards in the comments! Try and find some time to sit in stillness every day if you can. It will change your life.  If you want to see more then head over to my YouTube channel and give this video a thumbs up or hit subscribe.


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