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Align – Begin Your Yoga Practice Here

If you have ever been in a yoga class or practicing online and wondered if you were doing it ‘right’ (maybe it didn’t feel good); or got lost in trying to move from one pose I hear you. I have been there. I thought I would never ‘get’ it.

Or maybe you never made it onto your mat as the idea of being faced with a raft of new poses, language and movements is simply overwhelming. 

Align – Our 1-1 Private Yoga Course for Beginners

Align is our brand new ten week beginners programme specifically designed to support you in starting your journey with yoga; steadily guiding you through key practices and ideas, and helping you start to develop your personal yoga practice.  

Align is a structured programme which will help you to tune into your body, to connect with your breath and to align poses with your needs. We will work closely together to develop a practice that is ultimately in alignment with your goals.  

Learning a structured, balanced practice which was personalised to my body and needs from my teacher on a one to one basis transformed my own experience of yoga. It moved yoga from being something I ‘wanted to do’ to me having a yoga practice. 

Because at its heart, yoga is a deeply personal practice – not a performance (however it may look on instagram sometimes!).  

The practice of yoga can help us to connect use more deeply with our own bodies, breath and experience of the moment. It can calm and soothe our busy minds; and help us to regulate our nervous system more effectively. All whilst aiming to hold an attitude of deep compassion towards ourselves and others. It can be both dynamic and gentle; slow and strong. You will learn to build simple, everyday practices that meet what you need each day and to adapt poses and techniques to how you feel.  

So if you are ready to delve into a yoga practice but not sure where to get started – let me guide you through it one step at a time.

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