Ready to advance your yoga practice?

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a rut or uninspired in your life, you’ll know that sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance to change your perspective.

The same thing applies to your yoga practice.

Maybe you feel unable to stick to the home yoga practice you’ve always wanted, or find yourself frustratingly moving through the same sequence of poses every single time.

You know how incredible yoga is.  You’re familiar with how the effects of the practice can spill over into the rest of your life.

You just need a different approach to feel creative and intuitive in your practice again.

Evolve was designed to do just that.


The private yoga experience designed to reignite your passion and advance your yoga practice

As one of Edinburgh’s leading private yoga teachers, I live and breathe yoga.  My vinyasa practice, my lifestyle and the way I teach are all rooted in intuition.

I can create a practice that fits your goals while honouring where you are at on any day – and I’m here to teach you to do the same.

Are you ready to …

  • Advance your yoga practice; learn intermediate/advanced asana and fluid transitions
  • Get inspired and create meaningful and intuitive movement. Rediscover the magic of getting lost in the flow, and finally get consistent in your home yoga practice
  • Feel confident in yourself and more connected to your body. Overcome your limiting beliefs on your mat and in your life
  • Seamlessly tailor your yoga and self-care practices to how you feel and what you need
  • Start/deepen your meditation practice and feel more present. Reduce anxiety, and feel grounded and purposeful throughout your day
  • Build a stronger connection to your intuition and be able to use this inner wisdom in other areas of your life, e.g. eating, making decisions, self care …
  • Start the snowball effect of changing one aspect of your life and witness the spill-over into your entire lifestyle

The benefits to my wellbeing and body are amazing. I have increased my flexibility, strength and energy levels.

Tali supports and encourages through every movement and flow but ensures I challenge myself to achieve far more than I ever believed I could.

She is patient, warm and kind and brighten my day to be around her peace and serenity whilst improving my body tone and posture.

I love my sessions with her.

Lynne DPrivate Yoga Client

Evolve Program Details

Weekly 1:1 yoga classes designed for your goals

Midway call to reflect on and review your journey

3 month program; 12 private yoga classes

Confidently advance your yoga practice

Unlimited email support and guidance

Video classes created specifically for you


Evolve is a private yoga experience designed for yoga practitioners who are ready to advance their yoga practice – and who are desperate to create an intuitive, free-flow home practice.

This program is ideal for yogis anywhere in the world with at least 6 months of yoga experience.


Over the course of this program, you will receive 12 hours of one-on-one yoga tuition.  You have the option of receiving these classes in-person at The Yoga Transformative studio in Edinburgh, or online via Zoom.

These 12 private yoga classes are designed to help you get explorative and intuitive on your yoga mat.  You will be challenged in your practice, and simultaneously supported the entire time.

I’ll teach you more advanced yoga poses and creative transitions, helping you to deconstruct complex postures and feel inspired and confident in your practice.


Get in touch with me if you feel like you need support or have any questions or needs during our work together.  Send me an email or text any time (24/7!) and I’ll help you as quickly as I can.

We’ll also have a Zoom/phone call halfway through the program (approx week 6) so that we can reflect on your journey and discuss any questions and/or ideas.


I’m an advocate for action and accountability, and my mission is to help more yogis like you to find consistency and joy in practicing yoga at home.

You will be provided with weekly movement and/or breath-based practice for you to work on in between our classes.  We will create these practices together, making sure that you feel confident and inspired every week.

This homeplay will help you develop your skills in yoga – and help you create a home yoga practice.


I’ll be uploading even more content on my YouTube channel to keep your inspiration flowing in between classes.

Our 1:1 yoga classes on Zoom will be recorded and shared (privately) with you, providing you with directed resources to help support your asana, breathwork and meditation practices.

I’ll also uploading videos specifically for you during the Evolve program. I’ll create content to enhance your home practice and help you meet your bespoke goals.

Ready to Advance Your Yoga Practice?


I offer scholarships to provide financial support towards TYT yoga programs for those who need it.   Please get in touch to find out more.


Ready to Evolve? Send me an email to find out more.  I will be happy to help you with any questions you have via email, or to set up a call to share more information.

During this phone/Zoom call you will have all the opportunities to ask any burning questions.  We’ll chat about your yoga journey, and what you are looking to work towards in your yoga practice, and decide whether Evolve is perfect for you right now.