Begin Your Yoga Practice

Sometimes the hardest part of any journey is taking the first few steps.

One small step forward is all it takes to begin.

And if that step is onto your yoga mat, you’re definitely on the right track.

There’s something about yoga that you feel drawn to, but you don’t feel confident that you can get it “right”.

Maybe you have found yourself feeling frustrated with your previous experience of group yoga classes.

Perhaps you have tried to practice online but found the poses or pace simply don’t work for your body.

Or maybe you just don’t enjoy learning in a group environment.

The truth is that you really need a bit of structured, accessible guidance on this vital first part of your yoga journey. Learning at your own pace, with poses and sequences that are tailored to your body and your life.


The private yoga experience designed to spark your passion and begin your yoga practice

I am passionate about supporting people to explore how a yoga practice could work for them. One-to-one was how yoga was originally taught; and I have always got the most from my own practice when learning in this way from my teachers.

I can help you to explore the key aspects of yoga in a structured way. I will help you to ensure that poses work for your body and support you to build a simple home practice that fits into your life. I will help you to gain the confidence to start your own journey with yoga.

This practice has changed my life.  I am passionate about helping you to explore how it could change yours.

Are you ready to …

  • Feel completely confident with the fundamental yoga poses

  • Develop several flows with your teacher that suit you and your body, that you can move through on your own

  • Comfortably maintain a simple and focused home yoga practice

  • Feel familiar with your ideal alignment in the foundational yoga poses

  • Know where you need to stretch and where you need to strengthen

  • Have better control over your breath, and know how to use your breath to help you relax

  • Confidently practice some basic meditation techniques


The 10 Week Private Beginners Yoga Program


Introductory Call

chat through any concerns you have; your learning preferences and any specific requirements.

Daily Practice

A gentle, every day short practice (5-20mins)

10 Week Program

10 private yoga classes tailored to your body, held in our Edinburgh yoga studio or online

Bespoke Practice

A dynamic practice (15-30mins) which we will build throughout the course.

Email Support

throughout the course to answer any of your questions as you begin your home practice

Full Length Practice

A video recording of a longer 60min personalised home practice for you to keep and practice along to after the course is finished.

Do you want to …

  • Begin your yoga practice; learn the basic principles, techniques and poses from which to build your own practice

  • Get inspired to explore how it feels to move with your breath and stay in the moment.Discover the magic of getting immersed in simply moving and breathing, and to want to get onto your mat to recreate that feeling

  • Feel confident in yourself and more connected to your body. Overcome your limiting beliefs about getting onto your mat to practice and enjoy discovering just how much you CAN do!

  • Discover a yoga practice that is designed to work for your body and fit into your life

  • Start exploring mindfulness/meditation practices and what it is like to feel truly present in this moment

  • Learn how to really relax. Teach your body that you can relax and explore different ways of building some deep relaxation into your life

  • Discover the life-changing nature of a nourishing yoga practice.


I have been having one to one classes tailored by Elaine for my knee problems and hyper-mobility for over 6 months and have now started her Sunrise yoga classes to build my strength and have more regular practice each week. Elaine has been fantastic, I could not ask for a better teacher! I was an absolute beginner and nervous at the start, thinking that it was all going to be too difficult, especially with my knees. Elaine has helped me build my confidence and capability, challenging me while keeping each class fun. Yoga is firmly now one of my favourite things to do which supports my health and well-being, and it’s all thanks to Elaine’s excellent teaching!

Kristina EPrivate Yoga Client

Ready to Begin?


The Yoga Transformative offers scholarships to provide financial support towards our yoga programs for those who need it. Please get in touch to find out more.