The perks of being a tech-chick

Hello from The Yoga Transformative’s first-ever virtual assistant!

I’m Veronika, your passionate, energetic customer service with a smile. 🙂  A qualified massage therapist (Swedish relaxation and Thai), I’m a freshly-minted yoga teacher (emphasis on slow flows, yin, restorative, and hatha-based) and meditation facilitator with a deep love for community engagement, yoga, fitness, teaching, and technology.
I’m currently living in Dublin, Ireland (hence the virtual assistant) and am supremely excited about joining the ranks with one of my favourite, most inspiring yoga teachers, and cast.

About Veronika

Originally from California, I met Tali while studying at the University of Edinburgh. We’re Pole sisters and it sticks like liquid chalk. From Scotland, I landed in Bangkok, Thailand where I began teaching English as a Second Language. It was there that I trained in Ruesi Datton (Thai Yoga) and Thai massage. After a year of extreme heat, teaching moved me to Sydney, Australia for a year then Melbourne–where I studied massage and yoga–for another four. In January 2021, my new life in Dublin began, and here we are!

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me doing yoga or meditating, running or rollerblading, or drinking one of dozens of teas in my tea collection while studying, playing video games, or watching Doctor Who with my cat Rikku.


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