Meeting the Body where it’s at

I passionately believe that everyone can explore a yoga practice safely. I believe in customising poses to bodies using props, a solid understanding of the anatomy and alignment for each pose and a little creativity! All you need to is to come exactly as you are. Use what you have today. And do what you can.

I love to share this practice and its transformative power. Whether Ashtanga (my first yoga love and my personal daily practice), vinyasa flow (as I have spent years sequencing and modifying for injuries including a herniated disc) or the breathing practices of pranayama or restorative yoga; there is something that can work for where you are right now.

About Elaine

I started practicing yoga almost ten years ago to help manage the ongoing back issues I have had since my early twenties. Most of all, yoga gave me some time-out and relief from everything that was going on in my life. A place to just be me. My yoga practice became my happy place; my safe space when everything else was chaotic where I could always find peace. Since then – through injuries, illness and life changes this peaceful, meditative quality was what kept me coming back. It has helped me transform not just my body but also my mental health and my capacity for compassion, resilience and joy.

That is why I believe in balancing respect for the yoga traditions with the latest understanding of neuroscience and anatomy. With understanding the context in which it was created and how we might need to adapt that to our times and our bodies. I have been using my practice to help me to successfully manage and reduce chronic pain for more than ten years and am fascinated with why it works. It has helped me to appreciate the wonder of my body and the amazing things it can do; with sustained, joyful effort over time, I can do things I never dreamed would be possible. It has also helped me to find some calm and some clarity in the chaos of modern life.


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