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The Yoga Transformative

Edinburgh's Private Yoga Studio

Edinburgh’s only private yoga studio, dedicated to helping you create a personalised yoga practice that is as individual as you are

Through a personalised blend of private yoga, transformational mindset work and bespoke calming techniques, we help our clients rediscover their truest selves, achieve their goals and feel a whole lot better in the process.

What We Offer

Bespoke 1:1 Yoga Courses and Programs

We offer private yoga programs that have been created to support you meet your specific goals.

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking to start yoga, advance your yoga practice, reduce stress, get stronger or more flexible, improve your mental health or learn yoga during your pregnancy.

Edinburgh Private Yoga Classes

We are the only yoga studio in Edinburgh who specialises in private yoga classes, and we are hugely passionate about teaching individuals.

If you’re looking for personalised support for your yoga practice and health then you’re in the right place.  We offer 1:1 yoga classes in our city centre yoga studio and online.

Transformative Content and Resources 

We’ve created a freely available range of inspiring blog posts and online yoga class videos.  These resources are designed to challenge and support you, transform your mindset and support your own home yoga practice.

Unroll your yoga mat – or put your feet up – and get ready to take inspired action.  This might just change your life.

Taking private yoga classes with Tali over the last eight months has genuinely been a transformational experience: physically I have gained in strength, flexibility, balance and energy; mentally I have experienced greater calm, stability of mood and clarity of focus.

Tali is a wonderful and gifted teacher: classes have always been varied, fun and attuned to my state of mind that day. I would never have had the confidence to enter a yoga studio, or been inspired to pursue my own home practice, without Tali’s friendly, supportive and generous guidance.

Not only have I truly experienced the power of the breath to connect mind and body in the practice of yoga; but as I have taken on a role with significantly increased responsibility at work, my parallel yoga journey has brought me the inner poise and confidence needed to weather the travails of the outer world.

Alex TPrivate Yoga

Blog Posts

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