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Transformative Yoga Coaching

A bespoke blend of 1:1 coaching with an emphasis on tailored yoga practices, shifting mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs.

Private Yoga Classes – 1:1 Yoga Tuition

One of Edinburgh’s leading 1:1 yoga teachers, Tali teaches individuals looking to start or advance their yoga practice.

Online Resources to Inspire You

Inspiring articles and YouTube videos, designed to help you cultivate your own home yoga practice in between classes.

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We can eat all the kale, train hard and take every supplement on the market.
But if we don’t sort out what is going on in our heart and head,
We’ll still be unhealthy and unhappy.

We all have our own stories.  I help my clients change theirs.

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Client Testimonials

Taking private yoga classes with Tali over the last eight months has genuinely been a transformational experience: physically I have gained in strength, flexibility, balance and energy; mentally I have experienced greater calm, stability of mood and clarity of focus.

Tali is a wonderful and gifted teacher: classes have always been varied, fun and attuned to my state of mind that day. I would never have had the confidence to enter a yoga studio, or been inspired to pursue my own home practice, without Tali’s friendly, supportive and generous guidance.

Not only have I truly experienced the power of the breath to connect mind and body in the practice of yoga; but as I have taken on a role with significantly increased responsibility at work, my parallel yoga journey has brought me the inner poise and confidence needed to weather the travails of the outer world.

Alex TPrivate Yoga Classes

I have been working with Tali now for nearly a year. The benefits to my wellbeing and body are amazing.
I have increased my flexibility, strength and energy levels.
Tali supports and encourages through every movement and flow but ensures I challenge myself to achieve far more than I ever believed I could.
She is patient, warm and kind and brighten my day to be around her peace and serenity whilst improving my body tone and posture.
I love my sessions with her.

Lynne DPrivate Yoga Classes

Tali has become part of my life. While I am old enough to be her mum, we have reversed roles, and Tali has become the parent, guiding me the child, kicking and screaming through life’s ups and downs. With the love from her heart and her caring patience, I am learning to become comfortable with how I am put together, and therefore less judgemental of, and kinder to, myself (and others!).

While I want Tali to be my best kept secret, I also want her to be able to bring joy and peace to many more, so I can’t keep her all to myself, and have to tell everyone to make her a part of their lives too.

Kay BCoaching Client

Tali is an amazing teacher! I can't stress that enough. She makes the one to one classes we have so much fun. Her teachings strike a perfect balance between the physical and mental aspects of yoga. After every class I leave knowing more than I did before.

She has helped me with those poses that I have struggled with or been afraid to get into. This has helped me build my confidence to try the ones that scared me before ... I have built up strength in mind and in body. I think more about the poses now and how they should feel. I work to my ability and not just strain to get in in a pose. Classes with Tali are well worth it!

Nicola LPrivate Yoga

Tali went above and beyond to cater for my needs both physically and emotionally. She guided me ever so kindly and full of positivity in every step, tiny or enormous, that I decided to take. She helped me change the voice in my head and the connection I have with my body. I can't ever thank her enough for everything she has done for me in the past 6 months.

Keep doing what you're doing. Thanks for always putting your heart in every session.

Lucia SCoaching Client

Transformative Coaching

A bespoke blend of coaching, yoga and spiritual mentorship, personalised for your unique needs.

Transform Your Life

  • Resources to maintain the momentum in between appointments
  • Powerful coaching conversations to help you grow, progress and find balance in your life
  • Assignments in between appointments to hold you accountable and moving forwards 

Your Yoga Journey

  • Resources to keep you moving and inspired at home in between appointments
  • Start/advance your yoga practice in a format that is suited to you
  • Gain insight and understanding into the physical and subtle body aspects of yoga

Find Balance and Energy

  • Resources to help you feel grounded and balanced in between appointments
  • Discover techniques like mindfulness and meditation to improve your health and wellbeing
  • Practice breathwork and energy management to reduce stress and re-align yourself

I offer the perfect balance of focused challenge and inspiring support, and will meet you where you are at every time.  I want to be your biggest cheerleader, and will support you so that you never feel alone in your transformative journey.