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Transformative Coaching and Private Yoga Classes in Edinburgh

Over the past five years I have worked with hundreds of stressed out, busy yet disconnected individuals who are looking to regain alignment in their lives and with themselves.  

Through supportive coaching and a personalised blend of yoga, transformational mindset work and bespoke energy techniques, I help my clients rediscover their truest selves, achieve their goals and get a whole lot calmer in the process.

What I Do

Transformative Yoga Coaching

A bespoke blend of 1:1 coaching, individualised yoga tuition and energy techniques. Uniquely tailored to the needs of those who are ready to invest in themselves.

In Studio and Online Private Yoga Classes

One of Edinburgh’s leading private yoga teachers, I teach 1:1 yoga to individuals looking to start or deepen their yoga practice and improve their connection to self.

Online Resources to Inspire You

A freely available range of inspiring articles and yoga videos, designed to challenge and support you, up-level your mindset and cultivate your own home yoga practice.

Taking private yoga classes with Tali over the last eight months has genuinely been a transformational experience: physically I have gained in strength, flexibility, balance and energy; mentally I have experienced greater calm, stability of mood and clarity of focus.

Tali is a wonderful and gifted teacher: classes have always been varied, fun and attuned to my state of mind that day. I would never have had the confidence to enter a yoga studio, or been inspired to pursue my own home practice, without Tali’s friendly, supportive and generous guidance.

Not only have I truly experienced the power of the breath to connect mind and body in the practice of yoga; but as I have taken on a role with significantly increased responsibility at work, my parallel yoga journey has brought me the inner poise and confidence needed to weather the travails of the outer world.

Alex TPrivate Yoga

Transformative Coaching

If you’re reading this, you are probably an incredibly compassionate person who has given a lot to the people around you.  You’ve been driven by your belief in the potential of everyone in your life, and as a result you have helped those that you love to grow and find themselves.   

The dark side of this is that your dreams have been put on hold, and your own fear of failure has grown the longer you have been on the back burner.  Although you might excel in some aspects of your life, you do this with an increasing feeling of dissatisfaction, like you were meant for so much more.

If that sounds like you, read on.

Tali has become part of my life. While I am old enough to be her mum, we have reversed roles, and Tali has become the parent, guiding me the child, kicking and screaming through life’s ups and downs. With the love from her heart and her caring patience, I am learning to become comfortable with how I am put together, and therefore less judgemental of, and kinder to, myself (and others!).

While I want Tali to be my best kept secret, I also want her to be able to bring joy and peace to many more, so I can’t keep her all to myself, and have to tell everyone to make her a part of their lives too.

Kay BCoaching Client

I have been working with Tali now for nearly a year. The benefits to my wellbeing and body are amazing. I have increased my flexibility, strength and energy levels.

Tali supports and encourages through every movement and flow but ensures I challenge myself to achieve far more than I ever believed I could.

She is patient, warm and kind and brighten my day to be around her peace and serenity whilst improving my body tone and posture.

I love my sessions with her.

Lynne DPrivate Yoga

I offer the perfect balance of focused challenge and inspiring enouragement, and will meet you where you are at every time.  I will be your biggest cheerleader, and will support you so that you never feel alone in your transformative journey.

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