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We’re on a mission to make yoga personal again. Through our private yoga classes and small group yoga classes, we ensure that everyone receives the high-touch, individualised support we pride ourselves on at The Yoga Transformative.

We want your yoga practice to feel nourishing and supportive – and to be as unique as you are.

Learn yoga in a way that is in alignment with your needs and goals, and confidently create a practice that truly supports your body and your lifestyle.

Private Yoga Classes And More At The Yoga Transformative

Private Yoga Classes

Did you know that yoga was originally taught one-to-one? At The Yoga Transformative, we honour this tradition and specialise in private yoga classes. We’re here to help you move more easily, breathe more freely and feel better in your body.

1-1 yoga classes can be held in our beautiful yoga studio in central Edinburgh, or online via Zoom.   We work with clients all over the world, and are passionate about making yoga accessible and inclusive for all.

Private Yoga Classes

Small Group Yoga Classes

Bespoke small group yoga classes, courses and workshops.  We’re excited to support our community even more with our close-knit yoga group classes. Learn in community and receive the personalised support we pride ourselves on. New for 2022!

Group Offerings

Life & Mindset Coaching

The 1-1 deep dive for those who are done settling for less. Transform your mind and your life with mindset coaching, yoga, body image work, mindfulness and spiritual development. Just one space remaining before doors close until Autumn 2022!

Transform Coaching

What Our Community Says About Us

Taking private yoga classes with Tali over the last eight months has genuinely been a transformational experience: physically I have gained in strength, flexibility, balance and energy; mentally I have experienced greater calm, stability of mood and clarity of focus.

Tali is a wonderful and gifted teacher: classes have always been varied, fun and attuned to my state of mind that day. I would never have had the confidence to enter a yoga studio, or been inspired to pursue my own home practice, without Tali’s friendly, supportive and generous guidance.

Not only have I truly experienced the power of the breath to connect mind and body in the practice of yoga; but as I have taken on a role with significantly increased responsibility at work, my parallel yoga journey has brought me the inner poise and confidence needed to weather the travails of the outer world.

Alex TPrivate Yoga Client

Tali went above and beyond to cater for my needs both physically and emotionally. She guided me ever so kindly and full of positivity in every step, tiny or enormous, that I decided to take. She helped me change the voice in my head and the connection I have with my body. I can't ever thank her enough for everything she has done for me in the past 6 months.

Lucia SCoaching Client

Tali is an amazing teacher! I can't stress that enough. She makes the one to one classes we have so much fun. Her teachings strike a perfect balance between the physical and mental aspects of yoga. After every class I leave knowing more than I did before.

She has helped me with those poses that I have struggled with or been afraid to get into. This has helped me build my confidence to try the ones that scared me before ... I have built up strength in mind and in body. I think more about the poses now and how they should feel. I work to my ability and not just strain to get in in a pose. Classes with Tali are well worth it!

Nicola LAdvanced Yoga Practitioner

Tali is a tremendous yoga teacher. Her semi-private classes provide direct one-on-one mentoring, tailored to our individual abilities. Over the 18 months we’ve worked with Tali, we’ve developed from beginners to establishing a home practice that has boosted our strength, flexibility and sanity. Her classes are a joy - often tough but always encouraging and motivating.

Beth and OwenSemi-Private Yoga Class

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